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Learn To Unlock The Power Of Video, So You can instantly grab prospects and potential customer’s attention when they visit your landing pages and websites, which means they appreciate a video that was customized for their needs making the process of moving them from strangers 2 buyers becomes simple and fast.
I love this, Learn The Power Of Question Asking, So you can understand their most important concerns and challenges which means you can put together a solution almost instantly making You look like A Genius And REmoving The Need to go anywhere else.

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Learn Step By Step How 2 Turn Your Website Into Sales Machine With Coach James 

It's Usually The Sales Copy On Your Website / Landing Pages/ Funnels That is Not Catching The Viewers And Audiences Attention, The Copy Writing Is The Messaging & Advertising Words That With The Right Formula Creates The Perfect Opportunity To Relate & Identify With Their Pain, So Now Your Product Or Service Is Seen As The Solution To Their Challenge ...
Adam Coria

"I Needed a structured script to do Facebook live so I could have some confidence on camera to showcase new house I just put on the market for clients, and I have to be honest Coach James made sure what I said was packed with benefits, if you need confident and add value to your script would differently use Coach James... 

Real Estate Agent  Riverside , Ca 
James Miltimore is a powerful coach who has coached attorneys to real estate agents. He uses his customed scriptwriting talents that are crafted for different industries so that his clients could relate, connect and be the educator which helps them immediately be the go-to person for services and products. James is also a father of two children, one son and one daughter. His passion is working with at-risk youth in his community by sharing his story if he can make changes and become a successful entrepreneur they too can do it!   
Coach James